A era that is new of. Say hello to monetary stability and goodbye to charge card interest and astonishing bank charges.

A era that is new of. Say hello to monetary stability and goodbye to charge card interest and astonishing bank charges.

Say hello to economic balance and goodbye to charge card interest and astonishing bank costs.

Funds held firmly

A era that is new of

Funds held securely

Early Payroll

Your hard earned money, quicker and free. No credit checks, no interest, no costs.


Make whenever you invest and conserve, all in a single destination. Earn money right back on every purchase and a competitive interest regarding the entire balance that is damn.

Save. Invest. Budget.

KOHO is just a free account that is chequing makes it simple to feel good about saving and investing.

Your application and prepaid Visa card interact in order to make banking that is day-to-day and stress-free.

KOHO is just a free account that is chequing makes it simple to feel good about saving and investing.

Your application and prepaid Visa card interact which will make day-to-day banking smart and stress-free.

Slice the bank charges.
Boost your savings.



Automate your cost savings with objectives and RoundUps. Rounding up every purchase enables you to stash away some savings, while objectives help you save your self for whatever it really is that produces you delighted.

Get immediate 0.5% cash return on every purchase, or 2% on 3 categories that are major KOHO Premium. Plus, have more money back with your Partner Partner Powerups.

Track your investing practices and arrange for every thing life tosses at you. Know for which you are at in realtime with instant notifications every time you may spend.

Modify your KOHO account


A free account simply for you.


Combined finances for 2.


A 16g card for any account.


The ultimate money back card

4.8 celebrity score

Pretty good for a product that is financial. Join over 175,000 Canadians making use of KOHO.


What is KOHO?

KOHO is really a bit such as a chequing account, because of the perks of credit cards.

The same as an account that is chequing you’ll place money in your KOHO account after which invest that money however you notice fit. And like a charge card, you’ll get cashback as well as other perks, plus you can make use of your card anywhere Visa is accepted.

The important thing distinction is that unlike credit cards, it is already your hard earned money, which helps make you may spend more mindfully and conserve more. In reality, the KOHO that is average user 7% of whatever cash they load within their account.

So how exactly does KOHO work?

It’s pretty easy: you add funds to your KOHO account either through e- moving from your own regular bank-account or by getting your work’s payroll deposit your paycheque directly (Direct Deposit).

Then, you utilize your KOHO card, in a choice of person or online, to help make purchases, like everyone else would with debit or credit.

The card is really a prepaid Visa, and now we run using the Visa community, therefore for merchants your card functions exactly like a credit card transaction that is normal.

Okay, so how does KOHO put my cash?

We’ve partnered with Peoples Trust, a federally regulated and CDIC-insured bank to hold hardly any money you load on your KOHO card. This means if such a thing had been to happen to us, your cash will be you’d and safe manage to get access to it through Peoples Trust.

The thing that makes KOHO diverse from a typical debit account?

The huge difference is that we’re digital first.

Our expenses are low and now we prioritize making our users feel empowered about their economic choices over things such as offline bank branches and street corner ATMs (though KOHO works at any ol’ ATM, so we won’t charge a fee for making use of one).

And, you can get cashback (PowerUps) on https://hookupwebsites.org/bumble-review/ your entire acquisitions. With a regular koho account, you get 0.5% cashback on every purchase. With KOHO Premium, you get an additional 1.5per cent on 3 major groups.

Additionally, our software is pretty awesome.

Therefore, why is the application awesome?

We’ve put into the research time for you to ensure it is dead simple to utilize, and there are several integrated how to take full advantage of your cash.

We tweak and enhance our application so that you can release updates every three days. Which, become frank, isn’t thing many banks can state. Many banks frequently to push out a version that is new of apps annually.

Do we nevertheless need a bank that is regular if We have KOHO?

Seriously? Probably, yes – you could make use of KOHO for many of your day-to-day requirements and get other bank as straight straight back up.

If you’re right down to have your paycheque deposited directly and also you will never need to create paper cheques, you need to use KOHO for all you chequing account requirements.

It’s super simple to pay for your bills from your own KOHO account. You are able to deliver limitless e-Transfers that are free and, needless to say, utilize the card anywhere Visa is accepted. And you will deposit e-Transfers off their KOHO users immediately.

If you want to compose cheques, or accept e-Transfers from non-KOHO records, you’ll still require a bank that is regular for all functions.

Just how do many people use KOHO?

Most people begin simply by using KOHO for the enjoyment type of spending – loading their account with what’s left over after accounting for standard expenses and savings. The guilt-free spendable, if you will.

Some fiscal experts suggest around 30percent of each and every paycheque is going toward guilt-free investing, your budget that is specific might.

It is in the same way effortless as reaching for a charge card, however it won’t run you 20% to fund your lifetime and you know you’re staying within your means since it’s already your money.

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