Daughter Launches Legal Battle Against Onglyza in the Wake of Her Mother’s Death

onglyza_heart_failureRochelle Gibson want to makes sure that the manufactures of the prescription drug, Onglyza, a medication designed to help individuals with type 2 diabetes better control their insulin, admit that the drug led to her mother’s death, which is why she’s filed a lawsuit against, AstraZeneca, the company responsible for making and marketing the drug. She’s convinced that it hadn’t been for the drug, her mother would never have experienced the ultimately terminal bouts of heart failure.

According to Rochelle, her mother began to take Onglyza in 2010. A year later, she had a heart attack. That time she survived the episode, but her heart was never the same after that and she needed to be hospitalized two more times after that before she passed away in October 2013. The grieving daughter would like her case to be heard by a jury. The settlement she’s requesting is $50,000 as well as legal costs and punitive damages.

What the Gibsons didn’t know at the time was that two clinical trials had been conducted on Onglyza. In both those trials, test subjects were selected because they had a history of heart problems. The result of the trial indicated that more participants who were using the Onglyza needed to be hospitalized for heart related problems than the participants who were using the placebo.

The FDA suspected there was a connection between Onglyza and potentially fatal heart failure. In April, 2015 they launched a 16,000 person study in which 27% of the individuals who used Onglyza had to be taken to the hospital for heart failure. The FDA, and most of the medical community, feel that the number is high enough to force AstraZeneca to rewrite the warning label and make it very clear that it’s a drug that has led to an increased risk of heart failure.

Heart failure is only one of the serious health problems Onglyza could possibly create. Additional studies have revealed that taking the drug can also increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, and thyroid cancer.

Onglyza-heart-failures-e1446240480432At one point, the FDA had looked into whether or not Onglyza did lead to an increased risk of cancer and used data provided by the European Medicines Agency and felt that there wasn’t cause for worry. However in 2014, newer studies reversed the FDA’s opinion and now the organization is warning people that the taking DPP-4 inhibitors increases the odds of developing pancreatic cancer. This news caused so many people to file Onglyza lawsuits that the courts were forced to send the cases to multidistrict litigation court in consolidated groups. Many anticipate the same thing happening now that it’s known that there’s a link between heart failure and Onglyza.

If you have taken or are taking Onglyza and are worried about the drugs side effects and what they mean for your future health, the first thing you need to do is consult with your doctor and discuss various options. If evidence exists that the Onglyza did damage your health and you are seeking rxinjuryhelp, you need to meet with an experienced lawyer who will help you file your lawsuit and make sure you get the settlement you deserve.


Truck driver fatigue

When any type of driver is over tired or failing to drive in a safe manner things can turn nasty quickly. A 40 tonne truck being driven unsafely is a completely different story.

It may or may not be surprising to hear that 11% of crash fatalities on the highways involve a big rig, state The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

What may be more surprising is that these big trucks actually only make up 4% of vehicles on the road.

According to The National Transport Safety Board as many as 30 – 40% of all accidents involving heavy trucks are said to be the result of truck driver fatigue. Inevitably due to their colossal size and the speed at which they travel, accidents involving trucks carry a huge risk of causing serious injury or fatality.

Causes or driver fatigue

Drivers can become fatigued by any reasons. A deadly mix of lack of adequate sleep and driving for too long in one journey or too many hours in one day can render a driver exhausted and weary. Drivers can also be under a lot of pressure to deliver their loads which can lead to driving for too long without taking enough rest.

Effects of sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation can drastically affect how the mind and body react. The negative effects caused by sleep deprivation include:-

  • Impeding practical thinking
  • Reduced alertness
  • Memory loss and a reduced ability to think clearly
  • Weakens the immune system and doubles the risk of receiving an injury whilst working

Government imposed restrictions for drivers

Due to such high demands being placed on truck drivers by employees and the risks involved with big rigs on the road the government has enforced some restrictions. These restrictions are designed to keep both truck drivers and other road users safe.

This graph demonstrates just how much the percentage of crashes increase due to fatigue, showing how important these restrictions are.

Drivers are allowed to drive for a maximum of 11 hours but only after 10 hours consecutive hours off duty. The government also states that drivers are only to drive for a maximum of 60 hours on duty in one week or drive after more than 70 hours on duty in eight days. Drivers can restart either 7 or 8 consecutive day duty periods after 34 consecutive hours off duty.

By breaking these restrictions drivers or employers can be liable for huge fines and penalties of up to $11,000 from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as they seriously increase the risk of causing personal injury or fatality. The amount of fine that is awarded is dependent on how severe the infringement.

In order to ensure these rules are adhered to, there are certain things that drivers are required to do. Truck drivers are to keep a record in the form of a drivers log for each 24 hour period of service. This means there is always a record of how much the driver has driven or rested if there were ever to be an incident which brings to question the amount of hours the driver had been driving.

Truck vs car

Personal injury to the driver is the least of the problems associated with trucks of this size. A large 18 wheeler truck can weigh as much as much as 30-40 tons whereas cars weigh about 2 tons. As you might imagine this mammoth difference in size leave car drivers at a slight disadvantage, resulting in more serious injuries for car drivers and passengers.

The size of trucks make them difficult to steer and bring to a stop especially at speed. It takes a normal car about 160ft to stop when driving at 60mph whereas a tractor-trailer will need around 420ft to stop at the same speed.

Getting compensation

After sustaining a personal injury it is important to get in contact with a John Bales personal injury attorney who will assess the facts of your case. A personal injury attorney will come to a conclusion over who is to blame in a fatal crash or a crash which results in serious injuries. A personal injury attorney will also help you find the evidence that needs to be collected after an accident with a collision.

In the case of a collision involving a big rig, a personal injury attorney will look at the evidence of the drivers’ hours before hand. These should be recorded in the drivers log book and will determine whether or not the driver was adhering to the government’s restrictions.

A good John Bales Attorneys should help you get the compensation you are owed and deserve for your medical care, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

Fall at Restaurant Leaves Tori Spelling Severely Burned


As a culture we’re programmed to think that celebrities, especially those that shine as brightly as Tori Spelling, lead charmed lives, but the events of a recent Easter Sunday brunch proved that the enchanting blonde reality star is just as prone to injuries and freak accidents as the rest of the world.

While she was enjoying a family brunch with her family at a Japanese Restaurant, Tori Spelling not only slipped and fell, she also managed to land on the grill the restaurant used to prepare food for guests.

Luckily, Tori was able to twist enough to keep most of her body from making contact with the hot grill, but she still sustained a large burn on the back of one arm.

At the time Tori tried to laugh off the injury, she didn’t want to worry her young children who had seen the accident, but witnesses report that it was obvious she was in a great deal of pain. Fans of the star learned of the accident when Tori posted a short message on one of her social media accounts.

At the time, Tori assumed that the burn felt worse than it actually was and tried to care for it herself while at home, but it wasn’t long before she realized she needed more help and contacted her doctor, who wasn’t willing to take any chances with the severe burn. He sent her directly to California’s Grossman Burn Center for further care.

After examining the wound, the professionals at the Grossman Burn Center determined it was bad enough that the damaged skin would need to be removed entirely and skin graft would have to go over the area. The medical staff felt it was the best way to minimize the odds of her developing an infection and permanent scarring.

Later, while reviewing the fall out of her injury, Tori Spelling realized just how much the fall had cost her and she filed a lawsuit stating that she was seeking $25,000 to help cover her medical bills, and the money she lost since she couldn’t work. In the court papers, Spelling claims that the accident would never have happened if the restaurant hadn’t been negligent.

The good news in Tori Spellings case is that she made a full recovery, but as any personal injury attorney in Tampa can tell you, not all tales have such a happy ending. Even without the complication of the hot grill, there are lots of ways that Ms. Spelling could have been injured or even killed as a result of her tumble. The Centers for Disease control reports that over the course of a single year, there is often as many as 26,000 fatal falls in the United States, and that’s not taking into account the number of falls that result in concussions, broken bones, and other injuries.

If you have been injured from a fall, it’s in your best interest to contact a personal injury attorney in Tampa and have them investigate the case for you. They will interview witnesses, examine the location of the fall, and read your medical reports and use their findings to advise you about the best course of action.

The sooner you contact a personal injury attorney in Tampa about a fall that resulted in injury or death, the sooner you’ll get the compensation you deserve.